Monday, April 22, 2013

For the love

Yeah, yeah, nothing new about a chick going nuts about heels. But how nuts.. Well, i'm fucking bonkers. Bought my first pair of fetish heels in 2004 and have since bought more than 16 pairs of Pleasers. Not to mention all the other heels! I only had 9 pairs of shoes with me when i came to Australia in 2009 and now i have more than i can count. Some people say i could use my money better but why would i?! And what do you mean better! What's wrong with shoes? They don't pay the mortgage i'm yet to have but they sure look amazing ;) Besides, i'm not planning on having any children so that leaves a lot of money for shoes!


I don't quite understand myself how they can be so important but they are. Especially my Pleasers. The bigger the heel the higher the priority for me. Crazyyyyyyyyy.

PS. Here's another arty-farty pic of my favorite pair.


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