Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happiness in Darkness

Hooray!! Blog is up and running :) Finally got the look of it together so that it pleases me (for now..)
Photographers in cover shot from left to right: ©Les Hardwick, ©Greg Desiatov, ©Arto Soini and ©Andrew Oatham.

Then onto the actual post..

I get so freaking happy when photographers appreciate my creative output and are willing to work with my ideas in order to get that perfect shot. So_fucking_happy. It's obviously something that works both ways, i love it when a photographer comes to me with an idea and asks me how about we do this and what do you think of that. Artists respecting each other and being creative together. Hell yeah. That's what i'm talking about.

Some of my favorite shots have been the result of such work, here's a few just to stress the point..

Photo © Heidi J√§rvi

Photo © Arto Soini


Photo © Frank Packer

Photo © Justin Matthews

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